Surdex Geospatial Systems Integration, LLC, (SGSI), in collaboration with our partners, is continuing the development and integration of multi-sensor equipped aerial platforms to support a variety of emergency responder geospatial data needs in response to growing data demands as a result of natural and man-made disaster events. The growing demands for timely imagery, terrain data, and other remotely sensed data products supporting Federal, State, and Local emergency responders require airborne platforms that provide multi-mission capabilities to quickly react and respond to varying environments and needs unique to each disaster. The SGSI team’s challenge is to integrate various systems such as X-band and P-band interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR), LiDAR, Digital Imagery, Multi-Spectral and Thermal (mid-wave and long-wave) remotely sensed data and deliver geospatial data via down/up link in a nearly real-time collection mode for timely 3-D geospatial analysis.

Geospatial Products:

Photogrammetric Mapping-
Thermal Mapping-
Data Transmission-
Information Delivery-